Automation Engineering Company Brock Solutions' Corporate Culture

Working at Brock Solutions means being part of a dynamic team that is shaped by our unique values, atmosphere, and energy. Our corporate culture is driven by these core principles:

  • Customer Centric – We are a customer centric organization where our success is measured by the success of our customers. We build long-term relationships with our customers that, in many cases, evolve into partnerships over time. Some of our long-standing customers have worked with us for over 20 years and have been part of large multi-million dollar programs.
  • Performance Driven - We are a performance driven culture, where both teams and individuals are rewarded based on performance. At Brock, employees have the opportunity to wear multiple hats, find their "niche," and thrive in what they're good at. Our team is given endless opportunities to branch out, try new things, and end up on a path of their own individual success.
  • Team Based - We deploy smart networked teams which have the responsibility and autonomy to put together the best solution for our client's challenges. It is not unusual for employees to take on a variety of roles, from an operational, business development, and project perspective, while exercising their best personal and professional judgment at all times.
  • Personal Growth –Through our Talent Manager program, we are focused on strategically tapping into and harnessing the collective talent of all Brock employees to build a stronger, more talented organization. The objective is to deliver feedback and guidance to assist in driving each employee's personal career growth.

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