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In the world of air travel, the passenger experience is the key metric used to measure success. It takes thousands of moving parts to transport passengers and their bags from one place to another. Airport and airline systems must work together and share data to ensure that the passengers’ travel experience is the best it can be. Baggage handling systems, baggage reconciliation systems, message brokers, passenger processing applications: these are just a few of the solutions responsible for ensuring that the passenger and their bags arrive at their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Brock Solutions has been successfully delivering these types of systems to some of the largest airports and airlines in the world for more than 30 years. Using the knowledge gained during this time, Brock has developed SmartSuite Enterprise, Brock’s proven and scalable operational database and application platform.  The SmartSuite Enterprise applications provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to help our customers enhance baggage operations and management while improving the passenger experience.

With solutions ranging from industry-leading sortation software to government-approved passenger processing and enterprise-wide performance monitoring and analytics, Brock’s SmartSuite Enterprise can help any organization in the air travel industry improve their operations and enhance their customer experience.


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