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Operational Intelligence

What is Operational Intelligence?

Operational Intelligence (OI) is real-time business analytics providing visibility and insight into real-time data and events to detect opportunities and threats. The goal of Operational Intelligence is to reduce the time between when intelligence is realized and when corrective action is advised or taken through manual or automated measures. OI is about making real-time decisions that will take effect immediately while the process or event is still in play.

Operation Intelligence empowers organizations to:

  • Achieve greater insight into real-time information, especially machine data
  • Expose integral patterns and awareness by associating events from disparate sources
  • Convert tribal knowledge of people into predictive events
  • Leverage activity focused and historical data to understand what is happening now, recognize anomalies and take action


Why Do Companies Use Operation Intelligence?

As an example, Operation Intelligence can analyze real-time data and forecast and avoid machine failures.

Averting or detecting these failures could equate to a significant savings for any line of business. The consequences that comes with failures can quickly compound, not only the cost of repair but equipment downtime and the inefficiencies that reverberate through usage of latent assets. As a substitute to trusting routine inspection and emergency maintenance or replacement, Operational Intelligence’s vision into live data, cross-referenced with historical data provide a higher level of transparency into the state of equipment health.

What it Looks Like in Real Life?

In our experience, the fastest road to OI originates from understanding business value.  Traditional “Business Intelligence” typically visualizes and analyses data from a historical perspective to drive future business decisions, but doesn’t accurately tell you where you are now.  Operational Intelligence is more like a GPS system, with continuous visibility into information, perpetually taking real-time course correcting adjustments to recalculate and re-route decisions. Brock helps organizations gain this insight by tapping into existing raw data streams and analyzing them in a new way.

What Does Brock Do?

Brock Solutions is focused on providing OI Systems Integration services and facilitating the development of an overall OI strategy, taking Business Intelligence to the next level. Our job is to bring the knowledge, experience, and essential mix of expertise to establish an OI framework, select an OI partner vendor, and integrate that platform into an existing IT infrastructure. After implementing the solution, we assist validating the anticipated benefits and ROI as they are far-reaching and applicable to a wide range of industries. Once the system is implemented, Brock Solutions can help with expand and analyze the information through continuous improvement.

Operational Intelligence Roadmap

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