Brock Solutions' Electrical Control Panel Fabrication Project Methodology 

Brock’s well-defined panel build project methodology can be applied to any project or program regardless of size. Our methodology covers all steps in the project life cycle from initial information gathering to final system acceptance, delivery, and continuous improvement activities.Time is spent upfront with our customers to ensure specific requirements of the project are captured. Checks and balances are in place to ensure these requirements are being met throughout the project life cycle and that continuous feedback on progress is provided.

Below is an example of the typical steps followed, resources involved in panel build projects, and panel outsourcing programs:

Project/Program Management

o Dedicated Program Manager assigned on all outsourcing programs to regularly interact with the client to ensure program requirements are being met
o Resource planning to account for fluctuations in work volumes
o Identifying areas for standardization in materials and design to reduce cost and promote consistency across the outsourcing program
o Business development efforts including working with the clients estimating and design teams to support development of estimates and proposals for their end customers
o Conduct quarterly business reviews held with all stakeholders

Information Gathering

o Determine requirements of the project/program including scope, delivery, quality and financial goals

Value Engineering

o Determine alternate design and materials to support product enhancements and cost reduction

Project/Program Costing

Project Management

o Provide single point of contact for scheduling, progress updates and coordination
o Work with Materials Management to procure project materials and sub-assemblies
o Provide interface to Fabrication and Quality teams
o Manage subcontractors and 3rd party suppliers
o Forecast capacity requirements and schedule work in appropriate locations to meet customer needs


o Develop fabrication processes specific to application (i.e. break system into subassemblies for high volume builds) 
o Panel Certification to CSA and UL 
o Setup facility according to project requirements (i.e. process flow, assembly line, access to special equipment and tooling etc.)


o Fabricate first article
o Fabricate sub-assemblies
o Integrate 3rd party content
o Final assembly and wiring of system while documenting all fabrication steps


o Apply standard testing procedure or develop custom testing and quality checks specific to program 
o In process checks/testing 
o First article validation and acceptance 
o Final testing to agreed upon quality standard 
o Full load testing and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) as required
o Final product certification (CSA, UL, CE) 
o Complete documentation and traceability of product and quality process

Shipping and Logistics

o Coordination of incoming goods from global suppliers
o Leverage existing logistics network to establish best fit for application  
o Final shipment to customer location including customs and brokerage activities

Continuous Improvement

o Project post-mortems and lessons learned involving all stakeholdersy

All activities are a collaborative effort with regular interaction and input from our customers. Our panel build project methodology is proven and ensures that projects are delivered on time and within budget, irrespective of their size, scope, and complexity.

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