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Why Do Companies Use Sustainment Services?

If the role of a Systems Integrator is to make sense of the real-time space and to help integrate the most effective technologies, Sustainment and Support services are one of the tools used to make that possible.

Sustainment and Support Services help maintain the system stability and sustainability that companies and their operators depend on for their daily tasks. They allow for new projects and improvements to maintain alignment with business objectives. They create repeatable processes to help maintain the sustainability of the system long term. Sustainment Services also aid in maintaining the stability of the system by allowing for quicker resolution by subject matter experts and by helping to identify potential system impacting events.

Sustainment and Support Services will result in a well-maintained system, with repeatable processes that grow and change with your organization, and will ensure that your organization is getting the most out of your system and out of your investment.

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What Does Brock Do?

Brock Solutions’ Sustainment and Support Services focus on four key areas:

1.Program Management encompasses all program related functions centered on the overall project from meeting with the business about requirements and goals to reporting the status of program achievements and progress against timelines.

2.Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Management covers the core concepts in application development from project scoping to the migration of the completed application or changes into the company's business application environment.

3.Event Management looks at monitoring both the physical environment and how well the system runs at the application layer. This is accomplished by setting thresholds and configuring event triggers to make sure that the systems perform at an optimum level.

4.Incident Management handles the day to day operation of the application and identification of potential enhancements that can be made to the system in support of the continuous improvement effort.

What Does This Look Like?

The model below illustrates how the components of Sustainment and Support Services work together to provide a complete solution. Program Management takes business needs and drives program requirements. Those requirements feed SDLC Management to design, develop, test and implement application changes. Event Management monitors and identifies any potential systemic issues related to the application deployment and the environment. Incident Management analyzes issues to identify opportunities for improvement. These opportunities are then reported back to the business and feed back into Program Management.


The majority of our customers clients use Brock’s Sustainment and Support Services ranging from the full sustainment model described above, to more tailored services based on individual client requirements.

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