Brock Solutions' Engineered Batch Production Systems


One challenge facing manufacturers with 100s of product variations is how to run modular operations using the same equipment while maintaining product consistency.

Brock has been implementing Batching solutions for 20 years across industries and technology platforms. The results are:

  • Improved product consistency
  • Increased production volume capacity
  • Improved agility - operators can run multiple recipes on different sets of equipment as required
  • Improved ability to modify recipe procedures when new product specs arise

For many of our customers, these solutions follow the ISA 88 batching standard

What makes us different is our approach using I/O emulation to ensure that the batching solution is fully tested before it ever gets to site. Software bugs are isolated early and site commissioning is just that - commissioning the solution versus endless troubleshooting and code re-writes.

Additionally, our Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is unique, allowing customers to "test drive" their batching systems (i.e., run test batches before the system is installed on site.

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