Brock Solutions' Testing Method is Based on I/O Emulation

controls Emulation

A critical success factor for implementing controls automation systems is how quickly the solution can be commissioned and accepted. Traditional approaches involve testing and debugging controls software during site commissioning with the actual equipment, which in many cases leads to start-ups that are several months late and significant over-budget expenses.

For over 20 years, Brock has reduced this risk uisng I/O emulation, which allows the complete controls system to be functionally tested off-site during the project development lifecycle and customer stakeholders to 'test drive' and validate their systems during Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs), which occur prior to the systems being installed on site.

The results include:

  • Reduced installation costs as a result of reduced commissioning time
  • Mitigated risk management for end users as a result of validating the system during the development cycle
  • Early operator and maintenance training of the new system

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