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Most manufacturing lines are a collection of machines made by multiple OEMs. Although each machine is loosely interlocked with other machines, often individual machines become their own automation island requiring individual management of recipes, product-specific setpoints, alarm thresholds, and other configurations.

Line Control Systems delivered by Brock Solutions unify your entire line, allowing:

  • Single-System Recipe Management: Product recipes are managed in one system that is easily connected to ERP, PLM, or other planning tools. Upon start-up of a production run, the entire line is configured automatically and reliably, making sure that the same product is made the same way every time.
  • Quality Control: The line is monitored in real time for product and recipe-specific critical conditions and control points, including HACCP and regulatory control checks. Problems in production are caught and corrected quickly instead of scrapping or rejecting products after-the-fact.
  • Line Monitoring: Overall line status is tracked by one system pulling together performance, trends, and alarms for reporting, analysis, and continuous improvement.
  • Work Instructions: Make sure that the necessary manual operations are always done correctly and on time. Work instructions can be product specific or generic.

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