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Smart Manufacturing

Across manufacturing – whether process or discrete – we have seen a movement to ‘digitize’ and get Smarter

Operations in particular envision a digitally connected plant:


Drive efficiencies in production and lower scrap through real-time visibility


Optimize scheduling by automatically taking into account qualifications, availability, and the dynamic changing reality of the plant floor


Track and trace products as they traverse the whole supply chain from R&D to production to after-market

The manufacturing supplier community is responding in kind – smart devices are becoming the norm, software and automation suppliers are acquiring companies to round out their digital portfolio, and engineering service providers are busy integrating it all together. And the analyst community – Gartner, ARC, etc. – are predicting trillions in value.

In light of all this excitement, however, the path to digitize manufacturing is tricky and unclear. The jargon and buzzwords can be confusing, the players are changing rapidly, and the cyber threats that come with going digital are real.

Brock Solutions lives in this digitization space; this is our business. Digital transformations have many moving pieces – automation, MES, IOT, Cyber Security, Operational Intelligence, ERP integration, etc. – and require the expertise and methodology we have become recognized for around the globe. 

We are often asked to share our perspectives on digitization/smart manufacturing — the good, the bad, the gaps, the players, etc.   If you are interested in learning more, please send us a message below and we’d be happy to share what we’ve learned and what we’re seeing in the market. 


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