Brock Solutions' Airport and Airline Industry Overview

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As airports and airlines incorporate lean and other cost reducing initiatives, our airport teams assist in these initiatives with solutions that:

  • Increase baggage handling capacity
  • Decrease the number of mishandled bags
  • Improve baggage and passenger security
  • Defer new building expenditures through more efficient passenger processing flows
  • Provide end-to-end bag and passenger visibility

Our solutions for baggage handling and passenger processing include:

  • In-Line EDS Screening
  • Baggage Sortation & Tracking
  • Baggage System Upgrades / Retrofits
  • Dynamic Bag Re-route
  • Baggage Process Simulation
  • Baggage Drop-off
  • Passenger Tracking & Flow Simulation

What makes us different and significantly reduces our start-up risk compared to traditional methods is our I/O emulation capability, which permits complete system testing prior to installation. Additionally, our customers can "test drive" the system during scheduled Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) at Brock Solutions.


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