IATA 753 – Do You Know Where Your Bags Are?

Beginning June 2018, IATA Resolution 753/A4A Resolution 30.53 will require IATA/A4A members to “maintain an accurate inventory of baggage by monitoring the acquisition and delivery of baggage.” This means that IATA/A4A members must be able to:

  • Demonstrate acquisition of baggage when they acquire a bag from someone else (e.g. a passenger)
  • Demonstrate delivery of baggage to someone else (e.g. other airline or passenger)
  • Provide an accurate inventory of bags on a flight when it departs
  • Exchange these events with other airlines as needed

Mandatory Tracking Points

At a minimum, Resolutions 753/30.53 require the following tracking points to be recorded:

  • Acquisition from the passenger (i.e. at check-in)
  • Delivery onto an aircraft (i.e. when the flight is loaded)
  • Delivery and acquisition when custody changes between carriers (i.e. upon arrival)
  • Delivery to the passenger (i.e. upon arrival)

Scanning bags at these required tracking points, adding in other tracking points and recording all transactions in a centralized databases creates a searchable bag history for each bag.

Baggage Tracking Benefits

The greatest benefit of complying with IATA Resolution 753 by scanning bags at handoff points is the reduction of mishandled baggage.  With a detailed bag history, locating missing bags becomes a far simpler process, thereby reducing the number of mishandled bags and the associated costs, and improving customer satisfaction. Baggage fraud will be reduced by closing the bag’s journey, and exceptions can be detected (such as where bags are delivered to a party but not processed further).  The reconciliation process for departing flights is improved as each bag is scanned, providing a detailed record of the bag’s location, as well as an indication of whether or not each bag has the authority to be loaded onto the aircraft.  All of these improvements can help airports and airlines measure compliance with service level agreements (SLAs).

How SmartSuite Enterprise Can Help

We specialize in baggage tracking. We have spent years helping airports and airlines improve operations by implementing our SmartSuite technology. The modules of SmartSuite enable data capture at all key moments in a bag’s journey. Collecting this data in SmartSuite Enterprise, Brock’s industry-leading centralized baggage management solution, provides visibility into all of these touchpoints across a global operation. Compliance with IATA Resolution 753 may seem like a leap forward that requires significant investment, but with Brock Solutions and SmartSuite, we’ll have you at your destination in no time.

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