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Irregular operations such as a flight being cancelled, a passenger being re-routed to another flight, or a bag missing its scheduled flight can cause significant administrative labor and cost to reconcile these events.

To substantially reduce costs associated with irregular operations, Brock provides a dynamic bag re-route solution that automatically re-routes bags within the bag room to other flights or to special handling areas.

Business rules can be established for different airlines and for different departure destinations such as domestic, transborder and international, as well as business rules for specific irregular operations such as:

  • Flights on hold
  • Suspended flights
  • Cancelled flights
  • Re-route to earlier scheduled flights
  • Re-route for RRTE marked bags
  • Re-route for missed flights

After re-routing, the BHS system notifies other systems such as airline host reservation systems, baggage reconciliation systems, and external systems such as WorldTracer.

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