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Unexpected downtime can strike even the most reliable control and software systems. Hardware errors, operator errors, power outages, or acts of nature are all regular causes and when they occur, having the right resources at the right time is critical for minimizing the downtime impact.

Brock provides a single 24/7 telephone number for all your locations, and provides a variety of remote service options and preventative maintenance programs at a fraction of the cost to retain full-time, specialized resources.

Using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Virtual Machines (VMs) that duplicate the software environment off site, Brock can securely access the on-site control and software systems to quickly troubleshoot and repair on-site problems.

In addition, Brock's smart preventative maintenance has a Brock technician visit the site twice per year to optimize and tune your system and detect issues before they compromise system performance.

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