Brock Solutions' Postal and Courier Industry Overview


As postal and courier companies strive to reduce operating costs and increase the speed and accuracy of delivery, Brock is a trusted solutions provider with 20 years' experience providing solutions that reduce cost and increase speed and accuracy delivery.

Our solutions include:

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • High-Speed Sortation Software
  • Conveyor Controls
  • Revenue Verification

Our approach includes the deployment of skilled teams to understand your business processes and systems and perform upfront planning that can be used to understand the scope, cost, payback and architecture. After planning and approval, we integrate the solutions from start to finish.

What makes us different and significantly reduces our start-up time compared to traditional methods is our I/O emulation testing, which occurs throughout the development lifecycle to ensure controls and software functionality conform to customer specifications.  Additionally, a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) enables customers to 'test drive' and validate the functionality of their systems prior to the systems being installed live on site. 

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