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As post and courier companies implement real-time sortation of parcels with bar codes or radio frequency identification RFID along high speed conveyors and sorters, three critical success factors are speed, accuracy and process optimization through the sort system reporting.

For over 12 years, Brock has a proven track providing sort solutions that meets these critical success factors. Our sort solution, called SmartSort, is a real-time integrated solution containing the following key applications:

  • Sort Allocation Controller SAC
  • Video Encoding Console VEC
  • Maintenance Diagnostic System MDS
  • Management Information System MIS
  • Human Machine Interface HMI

SmartSort interfaces with many different ERP and proprietary host systems, sorter manufacturers, PLC systems, bar code readers, video encoding and RF Handhelds.

The solution tracks and reports all the key performance indicators for managing a sort system, including individual item event tracking, and provides this visibility through system reports, item search screens and HMI screens.

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