Postal/Courier Services Automated Parcel Dimensioning/Revenue Verification

Courier Revenue

For postal and courier organizations, inaccuracies in the reporting of parcel weights and dimensions represent lost revenue.  The challenge is to automate the revenue verification process at induction for in-line conveyor and manual processing systems that are integrated with enterprise billing systems.

Brock has helped several postal and courier organizations implement Revenue Verification Systems (RVSs).   Our RVS solutions include:

  • Supervisory software that interfaces to the enterprise billing system and interfaces to the in-line and manual processing scanners, weighing and cubing equipment
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) modifications
  • Procurement and installation of scanners, weighing and cubing systems

What makes us different and significantly reduces our start-up time compared to traditional methods is our I/O emulation capability, which permits complete testing of the solution prior to installation and allows our customers to 'test drive' their systems during our Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)s.

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