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Growth Creates the Need for Business Transformation

As companies grow in size and business requirements change, there comes a time when they need to evaluate their current processes and technology choices so that they can smoothly scale their production levels. We know from our experience working in the industry that the need to operate a business in real-time has become critical. In the case of warehousing and distribution, this often means implementing new Warehouse Control Systems WCS or upgrading existing ones. These decisions are not to be taken lightly and involve a high degree of knowledge and experience to execute smoothly.

We Understand This

Our project approach towards WCS implementations involves continuous communication between your stakeholders and our implementation team to ensure the solution provided is one that's right for your current situation. Our engineers have extensive experience tackling real-time projects. For over 15 years, Brock has provided WCS systems that deliver total integration handling the sorting, picking, and shipping of warehousing distribution facilities.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike many sortation providers who insist that you make exclusive use of their equipment and approach, Brock Solutions, with its SmartSuite WCS software, accommodates all leading sortation equipment and adapts to your unique process requirements. This makes SmartSuite WCS the preferred solution for your retrofit or new system installations. SmartSuite WCS offers faster project implementation ' our table-driven design ensures that most projects require only configuration, not extensive custom software development. Our solution ensures that your warehouse facility can perform at peak efficiency by:
This leads to:
  • A reduction in cost by automating labour-intensive processes
  • Improving staff productivity
  • Increased inventory traceability
  • Quicker response times to system faults or issues

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