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Automating the receiving, storage, and retrieving of warehouse items increases productivity, improves efficiency, and optimizes your storage space. Brock helps manufacturers decrease their reliance on manual processes by providing upgrades to existing ASRS systems, or designing, developing, and deploying controls for new ASRS project initiatives.

Key Features

  • Automatic and Manual Pallet Retrieval
  • Storage Algorithm Configuration
  • Diagnostics and Status Monitoring
  • Web Browser Accessible


  • Aisle Capacity and Status
  • Crane Statistics
  • Crane Algorithm Snapshot
  • Invalid Stored Materials
  • Staging Area Status

Ad-Hoc Searches

  • Pallet Search
  • Material Information Search
  • ASRS Action Search
  • Activity Log Search
  • Audit Log Search
  • Message Log Search

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Telephone: +1-519-571-1522

NA Toll Free: +1-877-702-7625


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