HMI-IconWarehousing and Distribution Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)

Brock applies Pick-to-Light, Put-to-Light, Voice and RF technology solutions to semi-automate manual picking and sorting processes to improve order accuracy, increase rate per hour, and to eliminate the need for specialized training often required for manual sort processes.

System Overview & Equipment Screens

The HMI is extremely easy to navigate. Given the correct permissions, operators are able to interact with various parts of the system and perform functions that directly affect processes in the distribution facility. Each piece of critical equipment in the system will be shown in detail through the HMI, reflecting statuses given by the controls layer. This can include statistics, faults, and override capabilities.

Watchdog Communication Status

Overall health of the WCS solution is an important aspect to monitor. Key communications channels are constantly polled by software to ensure that both the system is operating smoothly and the equipment is actively reflecting its current state.


  • SmartSuite WCS has diagnostics/alarms that:
  • Allows viewing of selected fault sites through fixes or tilt/pan/zoom cameras
  • Maintains logs of current and historical alarms
  • Has pop-up dialog boxes to quickly identify system faults (reducing time required to identify and correct problems)
  • Corrective actions to system faults can be provided on screen.


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