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Automation systems involve huge investments of both time and capital. If design flaws in these systems are not caught at an early stage, they can have a negative impact on the on the rest of the project. We are able to model/simulate important aspects of your warehousing and distribution facilities to validate that it meets various performance requirements during the early stages of a project. This ensures that potential problems are resolved before they become larger issues down the road.


Our experience ranges from moving items on Cross Belt Sorters to simulating smaller equipment motion around the facility. The results are fully visualized by real-time 3-D representations as well as data sheets depicting transactions and statistics through the system. These are gathered by running multiple scenarios to account random variations in the model. Simulation leads to many benefits including:
Mitigating potential pitfalls of system design
Reducing commissioning costs
Reducing project delays
Highlighting bottlenecks and process inefficiencies

Our proven methodology guarantees the success of all our projects. This includes the following procedure:

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Scope Specifics Documented
  • Model Development
  • Verification and Validation Meeting
  • Experimentation and Analysis
  • Final Presentation, Project Reports, and Training

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