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Our SmartSuite WCS Web Client acts as the single portal that pulls everything together for the WCS system. It allows users to perform searches, generate reports, and manage various system settings from any popular web browser. It also has the ability to switch between languages for multilingual requirements. Our modern, intuitive, and easy to use interface will allow operators to take less time identifying a problem and more time solving it.

Reporting and historical data logging

Our software gives complete visibility into any automated system. Our dashboard, reports, and search functionality allows you to analyze key points in the system that affect productivity and the bottom line. There are many standard reports and custom functionality can be written to reflect key data points in a system. We will work with you to make sure the data is correct, and aligns with your specific process needs.

Real-Time Dashboarding

Our dashboarding functionality gives you up to the minute insight on what is happening in your system. Key performance indicators are displayed through easy to read dials and gauges, which allows operators to quickly determine overall system performance. This is essential in order for corrective action to be taken during a shift rather than after the fact.


Our advanced searches allow you to perform simple searches based off barcodes and tracking numbers or build complex queries based off any item properties. The results are quickly viewable through a browser window exportable to a more convenient format for further data manipulation.


Our web-based system serves up reports in the formats that you are familiar with including:

  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Excel (Data Only)
  • HTML

They are viewable in a web browser and able to be saved offline for later use. In order to view them, it is necessary to have a computer on the network, along with a SmartSuite WCS account.

Automatic Reporting

Running reports manually is essential if you want to get specific ranges of data over the period of a shift, but what if you want to see things from a higher level so that you can look at trending information? We have implemented automatic reporting functionality that generates a set of reports in the background and sends them by email to various levels of authority throughout your company. This is configurable and puts the data where it needs to be, in the hands of key decision makers.

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