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Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) play a key role in high level planning and execution of product and resources. SmartConnect interfaces with many of the most popular WMS Systems, Sorter Manufacturers, PLC Systems, Bar Code Readers, Jackpot Consoles, and RF Handhelds. Its modular design also ensures that it can be customized to work with any WMS system on the market.

What Does This Mean?

In a nutshell, this means that there is a high level of integration between your inventory management/ ERP systems and the rest of the automation systems on the plant floor. We have the ability to retrieve sort plans, exchange messages, and communicate effectively with other systems in the facility. SmartConnect has experience interfacing to the following WMS systems:

  • SAP
  • Manhattan Associates’ WMS

Do you use a different WMS System?

Our solutions are made with flexibility in mind so that interfacing with a new WMS is simple. Since host interfaces vary amongst WMS vendors, SmartSort supports both file and discrete messaging. The file interface is typically accomplished via network drive mapping or FTP while discrete messaging typically is accomplished via standard TCP/IP.


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