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Regardless of the size of a baggage handling system (BHS), timely, accurate sortation is critical to system operations.  Failure to correctly sort checked baggage and deliver it to the correct destination on time results in costly delayed or lost bags for airports and airlines, which in turn can negatively impact customer satisfaction and the overall reputation of the baggage handler.  With over 15 years of experience in the BHS space and more than 60 BHS sortation projects in some of the world’s largest airports, Brock Solutions can help modernize your BHS with our industry leading sortation, controls, and system monitoring software.

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Recipe & Batch Management

Bags lost in tracking

Product Data Management & Product Lifecycle Management

BHS Performance

Regulatory Compliance

Early/Late Bags

Track & Trace/Genealogy

Inbound Scanning & Sortation

Energy Management

Transfer Bag Mishandling


Hardware/Software Obsolescence

Performance Management

Upper/Lower level replacements

Quality Management

ICS vs. Conveyor

Controls Management

Controls Architecture

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