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Our Approach

We solve business problems by applying cutting-edge technologies that are powerful enough for the demands of today and flexible enough for a dynamic future. We automate labour intensive tasks, and provide value to you and your customers.

Our solutions provide measurable business value to airports and their stakeholders. We support operations for some of the largest and busiest airports and airlines in the world. 

We Can Help

We specialize in Baggage Handling System (BHS) controls and sortation to all major BHS OEMs. Through our controls work we can help to update or modernize your BHS regardless of size of airport. If your airport or airline requires baggage or passenger solutions, be it in enterprise-wide management, interline management, sortation systems, or controls replacement, we can help.

Over 25 years of experience in brown-field and green-field Baggage Handling Systems projects with 100+ sortation and controls projects in some of the world’s largest airports.

We excel in complex retrofit, recontrol, and new development projects with zero unplanned downtime.

We are the Baggage Handling System (BHS) experts at these major airports, and more.

San Francisco International Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport

Sydney International Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport

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Dublin International Airport

San Francisco International Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport

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Dublin International Airport

Sydney International Airport

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SmartSort is our proven, accurate sortation management and
High-Level Control (HLC) system.

Installed at Over

of the World’s Largest Airports

SmartSort provides bag tracking and reporting for all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), but also operational improvements to be identified, implemented, and measured.

Enhanced with

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Like all of our SmartSuite solutions, SmartSort  gains new abilities when used as part of a SmartSuite Enterprise system. Get a more complete picture of your operations through new reports, real-time dashboards, historian data, and more.

Fully Integrated


or upper level replacement

SmartSort includes all core functionality and subsystems necessary to get optimal performance out of your BHS. We also offer optional features for clients who run additional processes, such as Early Bag Storage (EBS).

Airport recontrol projects showed



in sort capacity, above design

SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution
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Proven, Accurate Sortation Software

You Own Your Data

A dependable solution with a proven track record of maximizing system performance and lowering the total cost of ownership.

Brock Solutions specializes in complex retrofit and recontrol projects, with zero unplanned downtime, achieved through rigorous testing and a comprehensive implementation plan that minimizes the impact to operations.

BHS customers see an average of



in manual encode volume

We’re here for you

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Real-Time BHS Monitoring

Our Human-Machine Interface (HMI) provides a live graphical representation of the Baggage Handling System (BHS) using third-party open HMI packages (e.g. Navision, Ignition, etc.). It is an essential tool for control room operators to monitor the BHS in real-time, enabling areas of congestion or mechanical issues and alarms to be identified before they have a chance to negatively impact system performance.

Winner of the 2019 & 2020 Ignition Firebrand Award

United Airlines’ Journey Working with Brock

Operations & Enterprise Management

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