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Aerospace and Defense companies are embracing Digitization at a pace rivaling even the most high-tech industries we service.  Driven by compliance requirements for electronic product data, or by the promise of operational gains through visualization and production optimization, the industry is implementing modern tools across its supply chain at an unprecedented pace.  Moreover, as defense companies move away from traditional cost-plus DoD procurement contracts to more competitive commercial contracts, these tools are providing operational insight at a crucial time.

Brock is playing an integral role in these digital transformations, helping our customers plan, design, deploy and sustain automation, MES and other related solutions across their operations.  Our experience spans the A&D production flow – from chemical mixing to discrete manufacturing assembly – and crosses many sectors including carbon fiber/composite production.

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Track & Trace (Product Genealogy)
Understanding the history of any given product or batch is critically important. We work with our customers to understand their manufacturing processes, and define the characteristics of what a complete product genealogy would contain.  We then implement the necessary infrastructure to capture that data; we facilitate data collection from multiple sources including PLCs, ERP and Laboratory Information Management Systems, and directly from the end user through intuitive interfaces when required.  Data is then synthesized to provide a complete end-to-end history of how a product was made.  Our customers use data to troubleshoot quality issues through the supply chain, as well as provide it to their customers as part of the product’s documentation.
Defect and Compliance Management
For an industry sector as tightly regulated as A&D, accurate and effective handling of product compliance requirements is a critical business requirement. Solutions we deliver help our customers meet these requirements every day through automated management and application of product specification.  Historically, ensuring that produced material satisfied a customer’s requirements was handled in various systems, often requiring a high degree of “hands-on” manual review.  At Brock we’re helping to move many aspects of this process out of error-prone hands, and into a centralized digital solution that can collect data and compare it against a specification to make a determination of the product quality.
Recipe Management
Today’s A&D manufacturing industry is increasingly global, with materials and parts for large and complex projects being sourced from around the globe. In this environment, manufacturers are expected to be able to ensure that their products perform identically no matter where in the world they are produced.  We’ve been helping our customers meet this expectation through implementing recipe management for global operations.  This functionality moves the product definition out of the local manufacturing facility and into a centralized and revision controlled Recipe Management System.  Here, key product information such as manufacturing process parameters, quality test plans, and product performance properties are stored.  Centralizing this data provides our customers the value of knowing each manufacturing facility is producing product in a consistent manner and against a consistent set of standards.
Performance Monitoring & Downtime Tracking
A manufacturer’s ability to ensure continuous improvement depends on its ability to access, view, and log data from various production process points. As the A&D industry faces rising costs and decreasing demand, we work together with our customers to optimize their operations by leveraging operational and enterprise data. This can be achieved by helping to build the necessary data models and decision trees required to track key performance metrics, such as OEE.  To gain a competitive advantage in the market, manufacturers are digitalizing their operations uncovering important information in the form of raw data.  This newly available data is providing an opportunity for manufacturers to improve visibility into production downtime on a global scale allowing them to leverage and compare key metrics to help help uncover differences and commonalities to drive performance improvement, reduce production downtime, and therefore reduce operating costs.


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