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Aerospace and Defense companies are embracing Digitization at a pace rivaling even the most high-tech industries we service.  Driven by compliance requirements for electronic product data, or by the promise of operational gains through visualization and production optimization, the industry is implementing modern tools across its supply chain at an unprecedented pace.  Moreover, as defense companies move away from traditional cost-plus DoD procurement contracts to more competitive commercial contracts, these tools are providing operational insight at a crucial time.

Brock Solutions is playing an integral role in these digital transformations, helping our customers plan, design, deploy and sustain automation, IOT, MES and other related solutions across their operations. Our experience spans the A&D production flow – from chemical mixing to discrete manufacturing assembly – and crosses many sectors including carbon fiber/composite production. We are also seeing a trend in A&D to implement digital solutions in an Agile manner. 

Delivering Digital in Aerospace & Defense

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Batch + Semi Continuous

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Real-Time Visibility


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Defect & Compliance


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Track & Trace


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Accurate Insight on Downtime





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Track & Trace (Product Genealogy)

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Defect and Compliance Management

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Recipe Management

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Performance Monitoring & Downtime Tracking

Smart Manufacturing

Process Control for Precision, Safety, and Quality


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