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SmartSuite Enterprise is Brock’s proven and scalable operational database and application platform. The SmartSuite Enterprise applications provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to help our customers enhance baggage operations and management while improving the passenger experience.

Baggage & Cargo Processing

Passenger Processing

System Management & Monitoring

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Proven, Accurate Sortation Software

SmartSort is a proven, accurate sortation management software system currently used by many of the world’s largest airports and airlines. It provides bag tracking and reporting for all key performance indicators so operational improvements can be identified, implemented and measured. SmartSort is a fully integrated solution that includes the following subsystems:

  • Sort Allocation Controller (SAC)
  • Manual Encode Console (MEC)
  • Data Historian System (DHS)
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • SmartVision Human Machine Interface (HMI)

SmartSort provides bag tracking and reporting for all key performance indicators so operation improvements can be identified, implemented, and measured.

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Dependable Baggage Handling Control Systems

With a proven track record delivering the controls for over $1 billion in baggage handling systems, Brock Solutions’ SmartControl is a dependable solution you can rely on to maximize system performance and lower the total cost of ownership. Brock specializes in complex retrofits and recontrols, with zero unplanned downtime, through rigorous testing and a comprehensive implementation plan that minimizes the impact to operations. SmartControl services include:

  • System Simulation
  • Electrical Design and CAD
  • PLC Development
  • I/O Emulation and Testing
  • Panel Fabrication
  • Commissioning, Training and Standby
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance
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The More You Scan, The More You Know

SmartBag is a comprehensive baggage management solution for airports, airlines, and ground handlers. It provides your bag room and ramp staff with the latest technology for tracking baggage, reducing mishandled and delayed bags, and improving overall bag room performance. SmartBag has three main functions that can be implemented together or individually:

  • SmartBag Reconciliation provides typical Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) functionality, reconciling passengers and checked bags by providing baggage handlers with clear indication of which bags have the authority to be loaded onto the aircraft. An innovative alerting system notifies the user via a hand-held terminal when a bag needs to be loaded or offloaded, and an operations dashboard tracks loading problems so they can be corrected prior to flight closure. If a bag needs to be offloaded, SmartBag Reconciliation provides detailed information on the location of the bag, allowing it to be promptly removed from the aircraft.
  • SmartBag Recovery reflights delayed baggage, reconnecting bags with passengers at their specified destinations as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, while sending real-time BSM and SITA WorldTracer updates. Hand-held terminals and mobile printers allow the agent to apply overlays to the bags in the field.
  • SmartBag Tracking allows baggage handlers to scan bags throughout the airport as they are picked up and dropped off and view information about that specific bag, including inbound flight number, amount of time left for that bag to make its connection (with extra indication if the bag is a Hot Bag), and assigned gate for the bag’s outbound flight. This information allows baggage handlers to make informed decisions about the delivery of each bag. In addition, each scan creates a data point in the SmartSuite Database, establishing a detailed transaction history for each bag.
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SmartDrop is a dedicated or common-use bag drop solution that allows passengers to self-tag their bags at airport kiosks and drop them at a rapid bag drop location. Typically the transaction time for accepting the bag into the baggage handling system is less than 10 seconds, enabling a much greater number of passengers to be processed without increasing the current real-estate or staffing requirements.

With three options to choose from, SmartDrop is capable of meeting any physical lobby requirements without compromising passenger process flow. Each option can be implemented individually or in any combination, at any number of locations, while centralizing data for increased visibility into operations.

  • SmartDrop Rapid Bag Drop allows an agent to scan a passenger’s boarding pass and bag tags so that SmartDrop can verify that the bags belong to the passenger and induct the bags into the baggage handling system.
  • SmartDrop Mobile Bag Drop allows agents using mobile computers with integrated scanners to approach passengers, scan their boarding pass and bag tags for verification, and direct the passenger to induct their bags into the baggage handling system.
  • Auto SmartDrop allows passengers to use a self-service terminal to scan their boarding pass and process their bags without agent assistance.
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Real-Time Weight and Balance Integration

Brock’s SmartLoad module enables integration with an airline’s Weight and Balance (WAB) system when paired with SmartBag. The WAB system will generate a load plan for each flight, and will send this information to SmartBag via SmartLoad. As baggage handlers load the flight, the weight limits for each container will be enforced (via load exceptions), ensuring that the flight is loaded according to the plan.

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COMAT and Cargo Reconciliation

SmartShip assists with the tracking of cargo and other barcoded commodities throughout an airline’s organization. Commodity handlers can use hand held scanning devices (HHSDs) to scan cargo as it is loaded onto aircraft, creating a detailed real-time record of all commodities on each flight and allowing authorized personnel to track commodities throughout their journey. In addition, data from SmartShip can be exchanged with external applications such as cargo planning systems, package tracking websites, or weight and balance tools.

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Passenger Tracking and Boarding Pass Validation

SmartPass validates boarding passes and tracks passengers throughout their airport departure routine to provide airports and airlines with passenger flow information, allowing them to identify queuing areas and security wait times. Security screening is improved by validating boarding passes quickly and efficiently, and airlines can use information about the last known location of their passengers and the current security wait times to make informed departure decisions. Gathered information can also be used for market research purposes, allowing airports to maximize retail and marketing revenue.

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Expedited Customs Screening

Brock’s Baggage Image and Weight Identification System (BIWIS), SmartClear, uses technology at the check-in counter, in the bag room, and in the customs hall that allows U.S. CBP officers to view information about each bag in lieu having the bag physically present. SmartClear captures the tag number, image, and weight information for each bag inducted into the baggage handling system (BHS) and provides those details to the CBP Officer when they are interviewing the passenger. Transfer passengers do not need to claim their baggage and then recheck it after they clear Customs, enhancing passenger experience and the baggage handling process.

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Boarding Process Management

Brock’s passenger departure management system, SmartGate, provides automated preflight seat assignment, standby processing, and upgrade management functionality. SmartGate tracks the overall boarding process and allows airline agents to deboard an individual passenger or an entire flight as needed. Providing gate agents with real-time passenger information enables airlines to make informed decisions about the boarding process in order to improve on-time departure performance.

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Dynamic Event Notification

SmartNotify collects real-time information about flight status changes, gate changes, bag status information, and exception data from a variety of airline and airport systems, and delivers it to airline external messaging systems for delivery to passengers on mobile and web-enabled devices.

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SmartSuite Enterprise

SmartSuite Enterprise is Brock’s proven, scalable, and modular airport and airline management solution, collecting real-time baggage, passenger, and flight information and providing end-to-end visibility into enterprise-wide system operations. The SmartSuite Database, provided with every installation, serves as a central repository for all baggage, passenger, and flight messages, as well as user actions and location data for every processed bag and passenger, enterprise-wide. SmartSuite Enterprise can also collect information from external sources (baggage handling systems, airline systems, etc.). All data is consolidated and linked with other corresponding information to create detailed records that tell the entire story.

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Flexible, Intelligent Centralized Message Broker

SmartConnect is a powerful message broker that interprets, manipulates, and routes messages between systems based on user-defined filters and business rules. SmartConnect acts as a central messaging hub to interface with each system and relay messages between them, maximizing integration while reducing the complexity of the overall messaging architecture. Deploying a flexible, intelligent Message Broker can reduce costs by limiting the changes required due to incompatible communication methods and structures.

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Real-Time BHS Monitoring

SmartVision is Brock’s Human-Machine Interface (HMI). By providing a live graphical representation of the baggage handling system, SmartVision allows control room staff to monitor the BHS in real time, enabling them to easily identify areas of congestion or mechanical issues before they have a chance to negatively impact system performance.

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