Brock Solutions is proud to become the newest Canadian Ferry Association (CFA) member! The Canadian Ferry Association is the national voice of Canada’s ferry industry, whose members adhere to the highest professional and operational standards and promote the safe delivery of ferry services across Canada. The CFA has over 90 members, many of which account for nearly all of Canada’s major ferry routes.

“Our mission is to provide technological solutions that will streamline the transport of passengers and goods through these key gateways in the Canadian Transport System and Supply Chain. Over the past 30 years, Brock Solutions has worked with airports and airlines across Canada and around the globe to modernize and automate both the passenger experiences and the operations that support them. We are now leveraging that expertise and bringing it to the Canadian ferry industry with our platform SmartPort.” – Travis Raines, SmartPort Project Manager

As a systems integrator, Brock’s roots are in tying disparate operational systems together, making them work more efficiently to drive more value for the businesses they serve. Built on our proven product platform SmartSuite, SmartPort is a software system designed specifically to serve the Ferry/Ro-Ro sector bringing operational intelligence, from each subsystem and process, into a single pane of glass.

To learn more about Brock Solutions and our partnership with the Canadian Ferry Association, visit our Ferry/RoRo Terminal Automation webpage, or contact us to speak with one of our experts!

About Brock Solutions

Brock Solutions is a global industrial automation, engineering software, and professional services company with industry expertise in Manufacturing, Transportation, and Utilities. Our solutions empower customers to access data, transform operations, and drive performance and efficiency, while reducing costs and risk.