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Enterprise-Wide Baggage Management System (BMS)

SmartSuite Enterprise is Brock Solutions’ proven, scalable, and modular airport and airline management solution, collecting real-time baggage, passenger, and flight information and providing end-to-end visibility into enterprise-wide system operations. 

For Airports & Airlines

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For Airlines

Powerful, real-time dashboards and alerts will drive operations towards 100% loading compliance and On Time Performance.

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For Airports

Maximize BHS assets and pinpoint operational and maintenance bottlenecks.

Centralizing Data, Enterprise-Wide

The SmartSuite Database provided with every installation, serves as a central repository for all baggage, passenger, and flight messages, as well as user actions and location data for every processed bag and passenger enterprise wide. SmartSuite Enterprise can also collect information from external sources (Baggage Handling Systems, airline systems, etc.). 

System Integration

Real-Time System Monitoring

SmartSuite Enterprise includes a wide variety of reports and dashboards used to monitor the system in real-time. All data is consolidated and linked with other corresponding information to create detailed records that tell the entire operational story. 

System Integration

Enhancing SmartSuite Functionality

SmartSuite Enterprise provides enhanced functionality for deployed SmartSuite modules, adding features like Inbound Recovery, loading bags from common-use BRSs, extended data storage, etc.

Eliminate blind spots in your Baggage Operations.

Multi-System Management

Centralize the management of your multi-product SmartSuite environment from any device, anywhere. With SmartSuite Enterprise, you can view how your enterprise-wide operations are running through a single pane of glass and find critical information quickly to increase productivity.

Advanced Dashboards & Reporting

Create customizable dashboards and reports to view performance data across your operations in real-time. With our large collection of dashboards, you can personalize your landing page to quickly view what’s most important to your operations and make data-driven decisions to improve performance.

Advanced Analytics

Create powerful visualizations with self-service analytics built on the industry-leading Power BI platform from Microsoft. Drive decision making based on the rich data set collected by each SmartSuite module and stored in a centralized cloud-hosted data warehouse.

Passenger Notification Engine

Collect real-time information about flight status changes, gate changes, bag status information, and exception data from a variety of airline and airport systems, and deliver it to airline external messaging systems for delivery to passengers on mobile and web-enabled devices.

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Baggage Information Displays

Baggage Information Displays (BIDs) provides an integrated view of bag loading progress. It presents baggage handlers with critical data as they load each flight including flight information, departure information, and the total expected bag count, improving baggage handling performance.

BIDs uses industry standard messaging to incorporate a variety of data from sortation, BRS, and Customs recall systems.

Automated Resource Planning

SmartSuite’s new baggage operations planning tool, Automated Resource Planning (ARP), automates, optimizes, and balances flight schedules across a baggage handling system (BHS) via a set of configurable rules.

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SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution

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