Material Handling

Though existing Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) solutions tailored for the warehouse distribution space are available, such software is often outdated, limited in functionality and incapable of customization.

If you’re looking to connect, interface, and utilize modern technologies to unlock valuable data, it’s time to put your business on the fast track with Brock Solutions.

Free your warehouse and material handling operations from black box technology.

Accelerate your enterprise digital transformation.

Focus on actionable data.

High-Speed Conveyor Sortation

Real-Time sortation is an essential part of any warehousing and distribution facility. We have the controls solutions that automate machine equipment on the plant floor as well as software solutions that handle complex decisions about item routing and other higher-level functions.

In House Testing

We are able to model important aspects of your warehousing and distribution facilities to validate that it meets various performance requirements during the early stages of a project. This ensures that potential problems are resolved before they become larger issues down the road.

Data Collection and Reporting

Our SmartSuite WCS Web Client acts as the single portal that pulls everything together for the WCS system. It allows users to perform searches, generate reports, and manage various system settings from any popular web browser. It also has the ability to switch between languages for multilingual requirements.

Order Fulfillment

 The Order Fulfillment module of SmartSuite WCS provides the functionality necessary to properly and efficiently execute the order fulfillment process. This module includes the preparation, processing, sorting and verification of orders within the warehouse or distribution center.

Automated Controls for ASRS Systems

Automating the receiving, storage, and retrieving of warehouse items increases productivity, improves efficiency, and optimizes your storage space. Brock helps manufacturers decrease their reliance on manual processes by providing upgrades to existing ASRS systems, or designing, developing, and deploying controls for new ASRS project initiatives.

Picking & Sortation System Solutions

Brock applies Pick-to-Light, Put-to-Light, Voice and RF technology solutions to semi-automate manual picking and sorting processes. This is to improve order accuracy, increase rate per hour, and to eliminate the need for specialized training that is often required for manual sort processes.

Warehousing and Distribution HMIs

 Given the correct permissions, operators are able to interact with various parts of the system and perform functions that directly affect processes in the distribution facility. Each piece of critical equipment in the system will be shown in detail through the HMI, reflecting statuses given by the controls layer. This can include statistics, faults, and override capabilities.

Warehouse Management System Integration

SmartConnect interfaces with many of the most popular WMS Systems, Sorter Manufacturers, PLC Systems, Bar Code Readers, Jackpot Consoles, and RF Handhelds. Its modular design also ensures that it can be customized to work with any WMS system on the market.

Conveyor Controls Automation

For postal and courier organizations, inaccuracies in the reporting of parcel weights and dimensions represent lost revenue. The challenge is to automate the revenue verification process at induction for in-line conveyor and manual processing systems that are integrated with enterprise billing systems. Brock has helped several postal and courier organizations implement Revenue Verification Systems (RVSs)

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike many sortation providers who insist that you make exclusive use of their equipment and approach, Brock Solutions, with its SmartSuite WCS software, accommodates all leading sortation equipment and adapts to your unique process requirements.

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