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In the vast world of aviation and manufacturing, securing your real-time OT critical infrastructure is paramount for preventing operational downtime, reputational damage, and risks to public safety. However, as IT and OT environments converge, understanding what’s inside your OT black box systems and securing them by design is more important now than ever.

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At Brock Solutions, we understand these black boxes and will meet you in your journey. We specialize in bridging the gap between IT and OT groups and will couple our knowledge of your systems with cybersecurity best practices to bolster your security posture using your preferred toolsets and procedures.

 Effective, Resilient, and Safe Long-Term Operations 

Plan the Integrity of Your Critical Infrastructure

Identify your assets and understand your vulnerabilities 

We lay the foundation for robust cybersecurity measures by prioritizing effective planning and governance to mitigate risk. Our services begin with a deep dive into understanding your digital landscape through careful asset discovery and inventory. We provide a detailed report of our findings and create actionable plans that prioritize implementing mitigation and incident response strategies so you can ensure a swift and effective recovery.

Build a Secure Future for Operational Resiliency

Secure systems start during the design process

We secure operational resiliency and invest in your future by leveraging our comprehensive design-build approach. Our detailed process carefully selects and seamlessly integrates the most suitable technologies into your existing environment after conducting rigorous cyber factory acceptance testing (FAT). From initial installation to ongoing support, we prioritize the seamless operation and integration of your systems to ensure optimal performance and long-term success.

    Run Your Operations with Confidence and Defend Your Digital Future

    Ensure your systems remain secure and resilient against emerging threats 

    Once we have successfully built and deployed your OT cybersecurity infrastructure, we become an extension of your team and work with your stakeholders to provide ongoing operational support so that you can keep your systems secure, up-to-date, and resilient in the face of evolving technology and cyber threats.

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    Asset Management

    System Integration

    Vulnerability Management

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    Risk Assessment & Management

    System Integration

    Remediation Management

    System Integration

    Disaster Planning & Recovery

    System Integration

    Configuration Management

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    Engineered Patching IT/OT

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    Lifecycle Management

    The Threat Landscape Has Evolved

    Evolve Your IT/OT Cybersecurity Strategy With It

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