High-Tech Operations 

Your business is changing, and so are your operational needs. Our High Tech Operations will empower you to confidently move into a future where you can best serve your customers while achieving your most ambitious operational goals.

Our Approach

We work with our customers to develop a thorough understanding of their business which enables our “prevent-and-preserve” approach. Unlike the traditional “break-and-fix” method, this allows us to implement scalable, value-focused engineering solutions, to reduce costs and enhancing efficiency for ongoing bottom-line savings.

We Can Help

Brock Solutions will become an extension of your team, offering advice and guidance on various issues, from system inefficiencies to business process improvements. We leverage our 35+ years of experience to help you manage risks, anticipate challenges, and enhance your daily operations by employing innovative solutions that best meet your needs.

Don’t just keep your operations running. Make them run better.

keep costs down

Consolidate Service Roles

System Integration

Reduce Manual Touchpoints

energy efficient (eco mode)

Eliminate Technology Obsolescence

System Integration

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Incident Response & Resolution

Whether a power outage or a system failure, unexpected downtime can devastate your operations and cut millions off your bottom line. Minimize operational disruptions, maximize recovery time and prevent issues from recurring with guaranteed response times from our 24×7 remote support desk and dedicated on-site Brock resources. Our highly skilled engineers can quickly triage issues, identify resolutions and perform root-cause analyses to prevent them from happening again.

Reduce incident response resolution times by at least 25%.

Avoid cyberattacks and breaches that can cost your business millions.


Cybersecurity isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. As a mature OT systems integrator with a strong IT background and resource set, Brock Solutions understands real-time OT/IT cybersecurity processes. Whether design, build, or operate, we can provide turn-key managed services or custom-tailored solutions using your preferred toolsets and procedures focused on improving operational resiliency.

Preventative Maintenance

From simple check-ups and repairs to more complex efforts that involve extensive testing and diagnostics, operational equipment is constantly evolving, and so should the way you maintain it. Identify potential system issues before they become problems and avoid costly repairs from unexpected breakdowns by streamlining your maintenance processes based on data gathered from your operations.

Save up to 2-5x on system maintenance costs.

Save up to 25% on staffing and labor with analytical optimizations.

Performance Analytics

As your operations become more automated, it’s crucial to measure the performance of your systems so you can identify issues and take corrective actions before they affect your bottom line. Pinpoint bottlenecks and areas for improvement and find out what your systems are capable of by leveraging the power of data to gain a complete picture of your systems’ functioning.

Continuous Improvement

You’ve got the data, you know what needs improvement, and now it’s time to start making things run better. Leverage quantitative and qualitative insights to improve system performance and reliability and make valuable improvements to your processes without waiting for approvals or new funding. 


up to


improved performance efficiency

We’ll manage the entire process, so you can focus on your business.

System Governance

Keeping track of system improvements can be challenging, especially when working with large volumes of data. Reduce the need for management, training, and recruiting and ensure that projects are executed as planned by partnering with Brock Solutions for a cohesive, fully managed, integrated approach to your business processes.

Airports and Airlines

reduction of manually handled bag touchpoints per month

dollars in estimated annual labor savings


reduction in bags to manual encode across three terminals



value delivered through High Tech Operations

savings in labor and training costs


increase in overall operational effectiveness

Don’t Let Your Operations Fall Behind 

Through an initial engagement with your stakeholders, we can help you choose a customized support solution from a menu of services that can be tailored to your operational landscape.

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