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Passenger Monitoring & Processing

Our Approach

We support operations for some of the largest and busiest airports and airlines in the world through our quick-to-value solutions.

We solve business problems by applying cutting-edge technologies that are powerful enough for the demands of today and flexible enough for a dynamic future.

Our solutions provide measurable business value to airports and their stakeholders.

We Can Help

If you require passenger monitoring or processing solutions, either for boarding process management, customs clearance, real-time passenger notifications, wait time analysis, or enterprise-wide management, Brock can help.

Expedited Customs Screening 

Provide a seamless customs process for your passengers while improving your baggage handling performance.

We’re bringing virtual customs clearance solutions to the largest airports in North America. SmartClear technology expedites the customs screening process at bag drop, in the bag room, and in the customs hall, enhancing passenger experience and the baggage handling process.

SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution
Bags to be scanned

We support the U.S. customs process with our Baggage Image and Weight Identification System (BIWIS)

SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution
Bags to be scanned

We support the Canadian customs process with our International-to-Domestic (ITD) Transfer System

Passenger Verification

Passenger monitoring and boarding pass validation that supports a touchless passenger journey

Passenger Verification validates boarding passes and tracks passengers at defined points throughout their airport journey, providing you with the real-time passenger flow data you need to make informed business decisions. 


 passenger flow & depart



the passenger experience

Boarding Gate Management

Get real-time passenger information and make informed decisions that improve on-time departure performance.

Boarding Gate Management simplifies the departure management process through a single application with automated pre-flight seat assignment, standby processing, and upgrade management functionality.  


average closeout savings of

minutes per turn


your specific pre-flight procedures

Operations & Enterprise Management

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Operations & Enterprise Management
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Baggage Handling Systems         

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Passenger Monitoring & Processing

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Baggage & Cargo Processing

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