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SmartSuite for Ground Handlers & Smaller Operations

Our Approach

We solve business problems by applying cutting-edge technologies that are powerful enough for the demands of today and flexible enough for whatever tomorrow brings.

Our solutions provide measurable business value to ground handlers, smaller operations, and their stakeholders.

We Can Help

If you’re an airline ground handler or an airport or airline with a smaller operation looking for a flexible range of Baggage Solutions, or Enterprise-wide management tools, we can help.

Solve your business problems by applying the best technology.

Our SmartSuite software is scalable and flexible enough for any operation.

Operations & Enterprise Management

SmartSuite Enterprise presents a consolidated, real-time view of both baggage and passenger operations, through a single pane of glass. Evaluate and optimize the operational performance across your airport, provide transparency to all stakeholders, and provide a means to handle IROPS in a real-time and fact-based way.

For Ground Handlers, your entire network of operations is dependent on efficiency, managing performance, and labor costs. SmartSuite Enterprise can help provide visibility to help you make the right decisions for your business.

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Explore our comprehensive Baggage Management System (BMS) & Baggage Operational Database (BODB) solutions 

SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution
SmartSuite Enterprise is a web based solution accessible on any device

Eliminate Blind Spots in Your Baggage Operations

SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution
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Flexible, Intelligent Centralized Message Broker

Baggage & Cargo Processing

Brock Solutions has grown into an industry leader in the baggage and cargo handling space.

SmartBag LITE is the first BRS-as-a-service in the world. This Bring-Your-Own-Device solution for smaller operations makes it easier than ever to start scanning bags.

Our cargo tracking solution, SmartLoad coupled with SmartBag Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) simplifies the ramp loading operation for bags and cargo through a single application.

SmartBag Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) ensures compliance to security requirements and industry regulations such as IATA Resolution 753, but also provide a range of features and scanning options unmatched by other products in the industry.

Our automated Weight & Balance solution can shave 2-3 minutes off the critical flight close-out process to help your teams achieve on-time performance and ensure 100% accuracy.

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Learn more about our Baggage Processing & Tracking solutions

SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution
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Baggage Reconciliation System

SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution
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Cargo Management and Weight & Balance Integration

SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution
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Automated Baggage Activation

Passenger Monitoring & Processing

The Touchless Passenger and Self-Service Journey has been evolving for years. Brock Solutions provides innovative solutions that support a touchless passenger process.

Validate boarding passes and track passengers throughout their airport journey with SmartClear Passenger Verification to provide passenger flow and wait time information and improve the passenger experience.

SmartClear Boarding Gate Management simplifies the departure management process through a single application with automated preflight seat assignment, standby processing, and upgrade management functionality.  The overall boarding process is tracked using touchless technology and provides gate agents with real-time passenger information which allows informed decisions to improve on-time departure performance.

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Learn more about our Passenger Monitoring & Tracking Processing solutions

SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution

Expedited Validation Processes

Baggage Handling Systems

If you’re a Ground Handler or Smaller Operation trying to make the most out of a smaller team, automation and insights into your BHS or baggage operation can make or break hitting your performance numbers for the day.

Give your team the information they need to identify and focus on root cause issues so that they can make informed decisions that will improve operational efficiency. Brock Solutions focuses, not only on technical solutions, but also on operational and business problems.


At Brock Solutions, client success is our success. Our solutions reduce inefficiencies and improve your bottom line.

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SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution
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Proven, Accurate Sortation Software

SmartSuite Empowers Our Clients


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