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Streamlined Baggage Induction Process.

SmartDrop is a dedicated or common-use bag drop solution that allows passengers to self-tag their bags at airport kiosks and drop them at a rapid bag drop location using a touchless process. Typically, the transaction time for accepting the bag into the Baggage Handling System (BHS) is less than 10 seconds, enabling a much greater number of passengers to be processed without increasing the current real estate or staffing requirements.

With three options to choose from, SmartDrop can meet any physical lobby layout requirements without compromising passenger process flow. Each option can be implemented individually or in any combination, at any number of locations, while centralizing data for increased visibility into operations.

For Airports & Airlines

Create a seamless process flow in the lobby, or wherever wireless networks are available and enjoy passenger bag-drop speeds up to 40% faster.

SmartDrop was designed to work, anywhere.

System Integration

SmartDrop Rapid

Scan passenger boarding passes and bag tags at a fixed bag drop location so that SmartDrop can verify that the bags belong to the passenger and induct the bags into the BHS.

SmartBag Reconciliation

SmartDrop Mobile

Scan passenger boarding passes and bag tags with mobile scanners for verification, and direct the passenger to induct their bags into the BHS.

SmartBag Reconciliation

SmartDrop Auto

Allows passengers to use a self-service terminal to scan their boarding pass and induct their bags into the BHS without agent assistance.

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More on Baggage & Cargo Processing

Creating an accurate record of all baggage and cargo being loaded onto a flight is key to enforcing security procedures, improving on-time performance, and achieving compliance with industry regulations such as IATA Resolution 753.  Brock has grown into an industry leader in the baggage and cargo reconciliation space, and our software is now used by some of the largest airports and airlines in the world.

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