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SmartBag is a comprehensive Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) for airports, airlines, and ground handlers. It provides bag room and ramp staff with the latest technology for tracking baggage, reducing mishandled and delayed bags, and improving overall bag room performance.

SmartBag can be deployed on hand held terminals provided by Brock, and is also available in a “bring-your-own-device” format, where a client provides their own mobile devices to run the application. SmartBag has multiple modules that can be implemented together or individually.

For Airports & Airlines

With SmartBag, Southwest Airlines reduced mishandled bags across their entire network by over 30%.

SmartBag Reconciliation

SmartBag’s proven and reliable Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) functionality, reconciles passengers and checked bags by providing baggage handlers with a clear indication of which bags have authority to be loaded onto the aircraft.

An innovative alerting system sends notifications to hand-held terminals when a bag needs to be loaded or offloaded.

Detailed operations dashboards track loading exceptions and issues so they can be corrected prior to flight closure. If a bag needs to be offloaded, SmartBag Reconciliation provides detailed information on the location of the bag, allowing it to be promptly removed from the aircraft.

SmartBag Recovery

Quickly and easily reflight delayed baggage, so airlines can reconnect bags with passengers at their specified destinations as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Updated bag messages (i.e. BSMs) and tracer service updates (i.e. SITA WorldTracer messages) are sent in real-time.

Hand-held terminals and mobile printers allow the agent to apply overlays with updated fight information to the bag tags in the field.

SmartBag Tracking

Scan incoming and outgoing bags to view bag specific information including inbound flight number, remaining time to connecting flight (with Hot Bag indication), and assigned gate for the bag’s outbound flight.

In addition, each scan creates a data point in the SmartSuite Database, establishing a detailed transaction history for each bag.

SmartBag Grouping

Configure bag groups with specific validation rules and preform tracking, validation, and bulk actions for bags in flexible groups. The flexibility of Grouping allows for higher visibility of baggage on the ramp and throughout the airport. 

SmartBag Baggage Services Office

Provide agents with a user-friendly tool to streamline the process of reuniting passengers with delayed baggage and give passengers self-service options for reporting and arranging the delivery of their mishandled baggage. This eliminates the need for waiting in line to speak to an agent and allows airlines to reduce their physical space at airports and streamline resources.

SmartBag Passenger Notifications

Collect real-time information about flight status changes, gate changes, bag status information, and exception data from a variety of airline and airport systems, and deliver it to airline external messaging systems for delivery to passengers on mobile and web-enabled devices.

SmartBag Load Planning Integration

Ensure all flights are loaded according to the Weight and Balance (WAB) plan. Real-time load exceptions alert users as bags and cargo are loaded to ensure that the weight and balance plan for the flight is not exceeded.

Baggage and cargo counts are updated in in real-time as flights are loaded, eliminating the need for manually updating the WAB system.

SmartBag Lite

An infrastructure-free, “bring-your-own-device” option for rapidly deploying a reliable Baggage Reconciliation System, anywhere.

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Brock has grown into an industry leader in the baggage and cargo reconciliation space, and our software is now used by some of the largest airports and airlines in the world.

SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution

Cargo Management and Weight & Balance Integration

SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution

Automated Baggage Activation

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