It is time to rethink how we manage and collect baggage information. Manual processes (a.k.a. Bingo sheets) provide little value in our rapidly changing world. Historically, Baggage Reconciliation Systems (BRS) have been expensive to implement and manage. The Software-as-a-Service technologies of today now allow anyone with a smartphone and internet connectivity to reconcile baggage onto a flight, provide useful data to the airline station and HQ operation, and offer simple web-based tools to discover information about a specific bag’s journey.

Brock Solutions is pleased to introduce SmartBag Lite – BRS Made Simple for Everyone, Everywhere. In just four steps you can be up and running:

  1. Select an airport where you want to reconcile baggage
  2. Send Brock your Baggage Messages (BSMs)
  3. Download SmartBag Lite on your Android phone
  4. Start scanning

Brock’s cloud-based web servers reconcile the bags to your flights, automate the loading process, create baggage manifests to meet regulatory requirements, provide track and trace functionality supporting IATA 753, and report on the performance of each station.

This Infrastructure-Free solution can be implemented in a single day — no internal company IT resources required. Just grab your device and scan as Brock delivers this tier 1 application as a service. Further, online training means no costly site visits or classroom sessions.

As routes and markets will be changing even more than before, Brock’s SmartBag Lite is a simple, flexible, and easy way to adapt brilliantly, revise quickly, and ultimately write your own success story while significantly improving your MBR rate.

Contact us to learn more about how Brock can help transform your baggage experience today.