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Ferry/Ro-Ro Ports

Ferry Ro-Ro ports are beset by inaccurate invoicing, revenue leakage, a transient labor force, outdated information, and lots of paperwork. With an imminent increase in freight and passenger volumes, regulatory controls, and operational capacity, the need for automation and digitalization in today’s ports is critical now more than ever.

How We Can Help

For the last 15 years, our digital solutions have revolutionized the way the aviation industry operates. We understand Ferry Ro-Ro operators’ challenges and are ready to help transform your operation into a paperless, accurate, data-driven view of your planned and current operational situation.

Take Control of Your Port Operations with SmartPort

There are many end-point solutions, but few complete the Ro-Ro/Ro-Pax operation.

SmartPort is a powerful Terminal Management System (TMS) that eliminates labor-intensive manual processes and redundant documentation. SmartPort provides end-to-end transparency and real-time insights into all aspects of your operations – giving everyone operational awareness, from boots on the ground to back-office management to remote support for customers at check-in kiosks.

    System Integration

    Select Only the Modules You Need

    Digitalization must be done in a way that keeps future needs in mind. Our terminal operating system is built on a modular platform, which means you can choose which new features, capabilities, and integrations you need now, and which to add as your business grows.

    System Integration

    Track Operational KPI's

    Monitor your port from anywhere – from a high-level overview down to your equipment. Track real-time and historical information including Gate Throughput, Yard Dwell Time, Vessel Turnaround Time, and Per-Sailing Statistics.

    System Integration

    Quick to Value Approach

    At Brock, we take the time to get to know your business, understand the challenges you face, and develop a strategy that will help you achieve your goals, benefitting early on with “quick wins” instead of waiting until the end of a long deployment. We determine these quick wins by balancing off time to deliver and value with risk to operations..

    Real-Time Operational Insight 

    SmartPort enables you to optimize decision-making based on real-time and historical data with meaningful dashboards that provide the information you need to fully understand your operation. Identify the most critical issues, know where to focus your energy, automate workflows and task assignments, and have a complete history of everything that happened right at your fingertips, no matter where you are!

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    Gate Operating System

    Improve passenger experience, increase throughput, and reduce staffing with frictionless freight and car pre-gate entry and free-flow check-in processes.

    • Seamlessly integrate with booking systems
    • Automatically capture license plates and match them against bookings
    • Generate entry/exit images for damage claims 
    • Ensure safety, security, and climate-friendly processes
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    Yard Management

    Digitize complex workflow processes to ensure the correct tasks are being performed at each stage of the process. SmartPort leverages the power of data to automatically assign parking lanes and storage bays and audit storage yards and transit times through the terminal. With digital load lists and accurate trailer positioning, SmartPort removes the need to search for trailers, reducing vessel load times and requiring fewer tugs.

    • Effortlessly capture revenue leakage
    • Identify trailers that have been sitting for months 
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    Load/Discharge Management

    Automation and digitization can not only resolve planning challenges but also improve efficiency. SmartPort’s tablet interface optimizes the loading and unloading process, reducing port turn times and helping you maximize vessel throughput – all while minimizing revenue leakage. Ensure that your manifesting and reporting will remain accurate even during rapid changes.

    • Real-time loading information
    • ANPR confirmations for vehicle loading 
    • Automatic loading confirmations

    Business Systems Integrations

    Need to generate invoices and billing automatically? No problem. SmartPort gives you the tools you need to get data into the right hands and make decisions based on accurate, up-to-date, and relevant information. We’ve designed SmartPort to be flexible and open-ended so that you can pull in data from:

    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
    • Business Intelligence Systems (i.e., PowerBI)
    • Workforce Planning Systems

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    Future Enhancements

    Digitalization must be done in a way that keeps future needs in mind. Our terminal operating system is built on a modular platform, which means you can choose which new features, capabilities, and integrations you need now, and which to add as your business grows.

    Off-the-shelf solutions aren’t always flexible enough to handle current requirements, let alone future enhancements. For those planning on integrating with other systems in the future, SmartPort is designed to integrate seamlessly with:

    • Intermodal Transportation Systems
    • Traffic Control Systems 
    • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
    • Port Community Systems

    Can You Afford Not to Digitize Your Port Operations?

    Brock Solutions is a recognized Solutions Partner with Port Technology International and the ACPA.

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