In today’s travel environment, one of the primary concerns for passengers is a safe, seamless journey, from check-in to arrival. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, airports and airlines around the world were spearheading initiatives to implement new systems to provide this sense of security. A convenient, touchless experience is critical to ensuring that passengers feel confident travelling through the airport.

Brock Solutions is pleased to announce that we have been working with a number of our airport and airline partners to develop the “Touchless Passenger Journey”. Leveraging new and existing processes and technologies, Brock has identified the following areas for modifying passenger and baggage touchpoints, in order to provide a new, touch-free experience:

  • Exclusively Web or Mobile Check-In
  • Touchless Bag Tag Printing and Self-Tagging
  • Touchless Bag Tag Activation and Self-Service Bag Drop
  • Baggage Sortation and Sanitization
  • Managed Passenger Screening and Modified Security Processes
  • Touchless Boarding Process

By deploying Brock’s industry-leading SmartSuite airport management platform and leveraging emerging new technologies like thermal imaging and biometric identification, airports and airlines will be able to offer a safer alternative to the traditional passenger journey in order to get their passengers flying again.

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About Brock Solutions

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