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Expedited Customs Screening.

Customs clearance processes typically require passengers to have their checked baggage present when they are clearing Customs. SmartClear uses technology at the bag drop, in the bag room, and in the customs hall that allows customs agents to view information about each bag in lieu of having the bag physically present.

Passengers no longer need to claim and then recheck their baggage, resulting in an expedited customs process, an enhanced passenger experience, and improved baggage handling.

For Airports & Airlines

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For Airlines

Improve the Minimum Connection Time by up to 30%.

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For Airports

SmartClear supports pre-clearance and ITD processes, while eliminating the need for expensive baggage system modifications.

SmartClear provides two systems to assist in the processing of passengers, depending on customs requirements:

System Integration

Baggage Image & Weight Identification System (BIWIS)

Supports the U.S. Customs Process

System Integration

International-to-Domestic (ITD) Transfer System

Supports the Canadian Customs process

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SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution
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Dynamic Passenger Notifications

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SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution
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Boarding Process Management

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More on Passenger Monitoring & Processing

Providing new technologies for passenger monitoring and processing, as well as innovative solutions like touchless check-in and boarding, can improve on-time performance, reduce costs, and increase overall passenger confidence and satisfaction.  We have provided passenger monitoring solutions for some of the largest airports in North America, as well as for government agencies like the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA).  

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