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Expedited Validation Processes.

SmartClear is a validation tool that tracks passengers and their bags as they move through security, customs, and boarding processes. It provides significant improvements to airport operations by reducing the amount of manual baggage handling required and creates additional tracing points with a record of handoff points which aid in IATA 753 compliance.

For Airports & Airlines

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For Airlines

Improve the Minimum Connection Time by up to 30%.


Reduce the gate staff by up to 1 FTE per flight and improve the On Time Performance by 20%.


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For Airports

SmartClear supports pre-clearance and ITD processes, while eliminating the need for expensive baggage system modifications.


Enables touchless processes and contact tracing.

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SmartClear Passenger Verification

Passenger Verification validates boarding passes and track passengers throughout their airport journey to provide airports and airlines with passenger flow information, allowing them to identify congestion in queuing areas and supporting processes such as International-to-Domestic (ITD) transfers. Security screening is improved by validating boarding passes quickly and efficiently using touchless solutions.

SmartBag Reconciliation

SmartClear U.S. Preclearance and SmartClear Expedited Customs

We provide two systems to assist in the processing of passengers, streamlining the U.S customs and international transfer processes by allowing bag information to be viewed digitally and enabling recall for secondary inspection if needed. Based on customs requirements, SmartClear can capture the tag number, image, and weight information for each bag inducted into the baggage handling system (BHS) and will provide those details to the customs agent when they are interviewing the passenger.

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SmartClear Boarding Gate Management

Our passenger departure management system provides automated preflight seat assignment, standby processing, and upgrade management functionality. Boarding Gate Management simplifies and tracks the overall boarding process and provides gate agents with real-time passenger information which allows airlines to make informed decisions about the boarding process. It can also be used by airline agents to deboard an individual passenger or an entire flight as needed.

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With SmartSuite Enterprise you can have a consolidated real-time view of all your data regardless of the source or vendor. SmartSuite is compatible with any existing system you are currently using.

SmartSuite Enterprise is a cloud based solution
SmartSuite Enterprise is a web based solution accessible on any device
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Operations & Enterprise Management
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