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Ensuring that checked baggage is reconciled with its passenger before it is loaded onto a flight is key to enforcing security procedures, improving on-time performance, and achieving compliance with industry regulations such as IATA Resolution 753.  By tracking bags throughout their entire journey from the time a passenger drops off their baggage, to when they reclaim their baggage, airports and airlines can reduce costly baggage mishandling incidents and enhance customer satisfaction.  A Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) like Brock Solutions’ is used to ensure that all bags loaded onto a flight are authorized to be loaded (i.e. the bag is on the correct flight, the passenger has boarded, etc.), and serves as one of the key baggage tracking applications in an airline’s toolkit.  Brock has grown into an industry leader in the baggage reconciliation space, and our software is now used by some of the largest airports and airlines in the world.

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