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The Specialty Chemical market continues to see both great opportunities and emerging challenges for those that compete in this industry. As the overall Specialty Chemical market continues on a multi-decade growth trajectory, valuable revenue streams continue to support established corporations. However, new entrants into the market space and evolving customer demands for new products require manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve to remain relevant.

Many manufacturers in this space have been evaluating their IT/OT infrastructure’s readiness to face these challenges and capitalize on available opportunities, and have found the results concerning. Ageing infrastructures and application supportability issues bring risks to business continuity, while a lack of connected systems and information availability decreases business responsiveness and inhibit efficient communication.

Confronted with these challenges, many in the industry have looked to Brock to help them move to a seamlessly connected architecture, supporting all aspects of their real-time production operations and business initiatives. Often, this means collaborating with the client to define the vision for the future application architecture and helping to answer the question of “What Goes Where?” With this direction established, Brock then provides clients with turn-key solutions including full system support and sustainment services. Our mission is to operate together in the spirit of a partnership and to ensure that what we deliver is sustainable and driving real business value.

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