Our Making Waves Virtual Summit was designed to be an idea-exchange between leaders in the water/wastewater community. It’s not a commercial for Brock Solutions but a series of sessions presented by our customers to share trends and experiences in the spirit of learning from one another. And it’s designed to be fun. We’ll all share some Fun-on-the-Water stories and keep things casual – not death-by-PowerPoint. This 2-hour virtual experience left us all with some real, practical learnings, and a new network of friends that we can all call on for advice in the future.

Thank you to all speakers and attendees for their generous contributions and bringing these unique insights to the water community.


Each of our four sessions cover important topics the water/wastewater community is facing in 2021 and beyond.
All sessions are 30 minutes followed by discussion and questions.


Pet Becher, Executive Director of Mohawk Valley Water Authority Addresses modern risks with cyber security

Patrick Becher, Executive Director of the Mohawk Valley Water Authority, kicks off the event with their journey to modernizing Mohawk’s digital landscape and the story of how Cyber Security can change a water authority’s plans almost overnight. Patrick talks not only about water advancements, but also about how his team is addressing a number of risks by modernizing their Operational Technology, people and processes. Hear the story of how the narrative changed for the Water Authority almost immediately after 9/11 and the evolution of operations that resulted.



Pet Becher, Executive Director of Mohawk Valley Water Authority Addresses modern risks with cyber security

In our second session, Ryan Snider discusses the Region of Waterloo’s recent SCADA upgrade program. He covers the entire upgrade process from the early stage planning and preparation through the tendering process and into the early commissioning phases. Throughout the presentation, Ryan shares the knowledge and insight the Region has gathered through its automation and controls partner for this project, Brock Solutions, as well as the procedural and technological improvements the Region has undertaken to bring its operating technology environment into the modern era. By the end of the presentation, you will walk away with some best practices that will help your municipality navigate the many challenges of performing a major SCADA uplift.



Pet Becher, Executive Director of Mohawk Valley Water Authority Addresses modern risks with cyber security

In our third Session, Claudio Cuffolo, Manager of SCADA/Automation at the Region of Peel shares the region’s journey in developing their Process Automation & Instrumentation Design Standards (PAIDS).  Claudio describes the motivating factors to develop these standards, their evolution, as well as the overall benefits the region is achieving from their implementation and enforcement.  Finally, Claudio speaks about next steps for these standards as new and exciting technologies become available and what the future of Process Automation and Instrumentation Design may look like at the Region of Peel.



Pet Becher, Executive Director of Mohawk Valley Water Authority Addresses modern risks with cyber security

Joseph Donohue and Dave Haller from Brock Solutions explore how smart, interconnected devices and applications can be used to build a modern SmartWater platform. They walk through a demonstration, built on Ignition, that showcases how the fusion of data from typically isolated systems can be used to give a much more robust picture of water & waste-water operations, and the value that can be realized therein. They then examine real-world applications for IIOT devices and technology, and how they are being used to help those in the industry today. To close the session they dive into Digital Twin concepts, and how they can be folded into the platform to assist with operational troubleshooting and issue resolution.

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