Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services are aligned with our vision statement:

  • Building lasting relationships with our clients by balancing short-term requirements with big picture thinking
  • Laser-focus on real-time operational solutions in the industries that we serve
  • Delivered by a team of knowledgeable professionals who have real-world implementation experience
  • Have a strong link to business value

Clients seek our advisory services primarily because of our implementation experience and expertise. Simply put, our real-world experience is what our clients need to guide them through their real-time operational transformation journey. Whether you are just getting started on your journey, updating legacy systems to an up-to-date technology, standardizing on a platform, or developing solutions to optimize applications, our team of experienced professionals will work collaboratively with you to guide you through the process.

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What Does Brock Do?

All of our consulting engagements follow a well-defined methodology and approach that includes the following attributes:

  • Clear definition of objectives and scope. No surprises!
  • An approach that is client-centric and collaborative
  • Clearly defined work plan with milestones/checkpoints
  • Committed team and role definition for both Brock and client resources
  • Well-defined deliverables
  • Business case/return on investment analysis
  • Fixed price fees and expenses based on scope definition. Again, no surprises!

Key areas of Consulting Services include:

  • Executive Education
  • Program Management
  • MES roadmap and architecture development
  • Technology selection
  • Systems audits and reviews
  • Process improvement and simulation
  • Industrial IT

What Does This Look Like?

Industrial and Manufacturing Consulting Services

Often clients come to us for help understanding “What Goes Where?” – that is, what functionality typically lives in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) layer, in the MES layer, and in the automation/controls layer. To learn more about the topic please click on our whitepaper below.

"What Goes Where?" Whitepaper

Baggage Handling System Consulting Services

Are you getting the most out of your Baggage Handling System (BHS)? Are you confident that the BHS data you’re collecting is comprehensive and accurate? Do you need access to more data, or the ability to look at it in a different way for planning purposes?

We provide three types of advisory services in the transportation and logistics sector:

1. Baggage Handling System (BHS) Performance Studies

  • Our BHS performance studies can help customers drive performance across multiple bag rooms. With a proven track record of investigating, advising and subsequently implementing solutions to various bag room problems, our expertise is based on real-world, hands-on experience. We can analyze baggage systems from a holistic perspective to identify issues affecting system performance and can design actionable plans for addressing them

2. Innovation Services

  • We help our customers design innovative solutions to real-world BHS issues. Our work in the real-time data space, particularly around tracking bags and passengers across a client's entire network, have allowed us to take our industry-leading SmartSuite Enterprise software and apply it in new and unique ways to work with our customers to improve the passenger experience

3. Design-Assist Services

  • Our design-assist services encourage our customers to "start with the end in mind," as we ensure that the BHS control systems (the "brains" of the BHS that will be used every day) are thoroughly considered during the architectural and mechanical design phases. We believe that the entire BHS should be designed holistically to provide the customer is left with a top-of-the-line baggage handling system that they can be proud of for years to come

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