What Is MES (Manufacturing Execution System)?

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) link business systems such as ERP with real-time operational plant-control systems such as PLCs. With MES, the manufacturing process becomes information driven (and therefore more controllable) - this info can be used to trigger actions or 'execute' operations, activities, rules, etc.


Data Collection, Performance Management, Recipe Management, Quality Management, Manufacturing Intelligence, Recipe Management, Track and Trace,


Typically, our customers have a number of stand-alone databases, legacy MES systems, Excel and Access databases, or all of the above, and want to move to a more integrated, holistic solution that drives business value across their enterprise.


We Can Help Your Business

Successfully designing and deploying sustainable MES solutions is not easy: there are many different moving pieces, technology touchpoints, 3rd party tie-ins, and people and processes considerations. Managing these challenges is what we at Brock Solutions have been doing every day for over 30 years, and that valuable experience allows us to understand how to implement and integrate in these complex environments against our proven methodology.

Put simply, we are not a controls company trying to move up into the MES world, or an ERP consultant trying to move down. This is our business, and our singular focus on the real-time operations space makes us very unique in the integrator world.


Demystifying The Space

To help manufacturers understand the specifics of the MES space, Brock Solutions launched a series of interactive webinars focus on the lifecycle of Manufacturing IT (MES, MOM, MI, etc.) transformations starting with education, alignment, implementation and sustainment. We address common questions, such as:


How do we build a Business Case to help our leadership determine the value of real-time manufacturing IT implementation? How do we get our current systems  into a single, integrated platform? How do we get different functional groups aligned so we can move forward?


 This webinar series is designed to broaden the discussion and share practical learnings around demystifying Manufacturing IT. 



 Play Demystifying Manufacturing IT on Youtube     MG YouTube Journey     Watch Manufacturing IT Implementation on YouTube     MG YouTube Sustainment     Watch Demystifying Manufacturing Intelligence on YouTube

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