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Demystifying Manufacturing IT Webinar Series

In the build up to this year’s premier Manufacturing IT event –the Industry Week/MESA Manufacturing & Technology Conference –Brock Solutions launched Webinar Wednesdays, our latest webinar series on Demystifying Manufacturing IT to Drive Business Value.

These weekly interactive webinars focused on the lifecycle of Manufacturing IT (MES, MOM, etc.) transformations starting with education, alignment, implementation and sustainment. We addressed common questions like:

“How do we get our current systems into a single, integrated platform?”

“How do we build a business case to help our leadership determine the value of real-time manufacturing IT implementation?”

“How do we get different functional groups aligned so we can move forward with a modern manufacturing IT landscape?”

This webinar series is designed to broaden the discussion and share practical learnings around demystifying Manufacturing IT.

Click here to learn more about the Industry Week/MESA Manufacturing & Technology Conference


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Webinar 1 - April 6th 2016
Demystifying Manufacturing IT
Curious about the space, what it is, what the market looks like, and where Manufacturing IT is going? This session is for you – a primer on the landscape.

Webinar 2 - April 13th 2016
Getting Started with Your Manufacturing IT Journey
Manufacturers often struggle with “false starts” – this session will share the critical success factors needed to start your own Manufacturing IT journey.

Webinar 3 - April 20th 2016
Manufacturing IT Implementation
We know what it is and how to get started – now how do we implement these solutions and avoid the pitfalls that may be lurking around us? We will share key steps of our methodology – workflows, simulation – and the guiding principles for success.

Webinar 4 - April 27th 2016
Sustainment/Support – “Go-Live is Only the Beginning”
A walk through practical approaches for sustaining and supporting Manufacturing IT systems, and ensuring they are adding continuous value to the organization. 

Webinar 5 - June 29th 2016
Demystifying Manufacturing Intelligence
An overview of what we are seeing in the MI market, what we are learning, and why this space is so confusing.

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