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When it comes to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), business leaders often struggle with understanding, in practical business terms, what MES is and what it can mean for their organization. Brock’s Executive Point-of-View (POV) program helps frame MES in a business context, working with senior leadership to articulate the value of a potential solution and the guiding principles required for implementation success.

It addresses many of the questions companies ask when considering an investment in real-time operations solutions, including:

  • What is MES/MOM, and what will it do for our business?
  • How is this different from our ERP solution?
  • What are the real benefits? What benefits have others in our industry realized?
  • What are MES/MOM best practices? What should we avoid?

For an overview of the program and Brock’s approach to delivering this service to clients in the manufacturing space, please click on the following link or contact Stephanie Mikelbrencis, Brock’s MES Practice Leader, at
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