How To Get Started with MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)

One of the most common questions we are asked by our customers is "How do I get started?"

MES Framework Study

Brock has helped several customers across a range of industries develop a framework for implementing MES in their businesses. Our Framework Study process includes identifying MES requirements, determining the business case and ROI (Return-on-Investment), and developing an implementation roadmap. Because we are vendor neutral, we may also be engaged in a MES vendor-selection process.

A major part of this effort is to help customers determine 'what goes where.' Working closely with the customer, we map their requirements against a project-tested workflow tool to determine which functions should reside in the ERP layer, the MES layer, and the controls/plant-floor layer. These workflows form the basis for an overall MES design.

As a result, customers receive a comprehensive MES Framework Study deliverable outlining how to get started on their MES journey.


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