Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES): What Goes Where?

Many organizations are struggling internally with decisions around technology use in the realtime operations space for applications that impact manufacturing, operations, and the plant-floor environment. In trying to determine which technologies should be used to enable real-time operations, execution and reporting, there are an abundance of solutions to pick from, and often confusing terminology to decipher from solution providers and system integrators. Moreover, organizations are implementing or rolling out big Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations and want to leverage this significant investment as much as possible across their enterprise.

With the growing convergence of the Information Technology and Engineering functions and responsibilities within many companies, it is critical to have a consistent vision and strategy for technology deployment. That does not mean, however, that one size fits all. Organizations who use technology for applications that are not fit-for-purpose often find themselves starting, stopping, re-grouping, and re-starting projects. This is particularly true when it comes to implementing real-time applications like Manufacturing Operations Management/Manufacturing Execution Systems (MOM/MES).

If this is something your organization struggles with, we encourage you to check out our videos below, or download our “What Goes Where” white paper for more information.




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