What We See in the Metals Industry

The metals market has been faced with many challenges over the last few decades. 

Metals producers are relying on obsolete legacy systems that are no longer sustainable. The workers that are needed to support the legacy equipment are retiring, and metals from developing countries that are sold below marginal cost are continually putting pressure on producers in developed nations to better control costs while differentiating their products.

To keep up to date with industry obstacles, metals manufacturers are striving to understand the source of manufacturing costs, and how they can continue to use and optimize existing infrastructure while strategically implementing new technology projects.

Metals companies will need to adapt quickly in order to keep up with customer demands and maintain their competitive advantage. They must upgrade existing equipment and modernize to more agile, information-driven systems that optimize processes from order launch to finished goods.

MES in the Metals Industry

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) can help metals companies optimize their processes and better understand their operations to get more out of their workforce, equipment, and materials.

Metals companies are ideally positioned to implement modern MES as they transition to advanced materials, incorporate new equipment and more complex processes, and address emerging workforce needs. The efficiencies and cost savings that MES offers only further justifies the investment. MES also enables metals companies to move their stand-alone databases, legacy "expert" systems and Excel spreadsheets into a more integrated solution, which can help drive business value across their enterprise.

MES can help your metals company:

  • Easily collect and share data to address important KPIs
  • Streamline and standardize your recipe and order processes
  • Track the product and material journey through production from start to finish
  • Create quality checkpoints and enforce workflows 
  • Create work instructions and procedures to help retain the "tribal knowledge" of long-time workers before they retire

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How We Can Help

Rockwell Automation and Brock Solutions have joined forces in this volatile market to help metals producers as no else can. With the combined strength of proven automation expertise and long-cultivated domain knowledge, these two companies are helping metals producers to address their most pressing needs and gain new competitive advantages with modern MES.

Rockwell Automation is the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, and has extensive metals experience and a dedicated team serving the metals industry. Brock Solutions is one of North America’s largest systems integrators, with a deep, rich history providing a range of services to the metals industry for more than 30 years.

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