Brock Solutions recently shared the exciting story of our latest SmartSuite partnership with Rosslare, seeing us expand our offering to Ports.   

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently been awarded a contract to deploy a proven, modern, and flexible Warehouse Control System (WCS) and lower-level controls for a major distribution center in the upper midwestern region of the United States!  

As a true systems integrator, Brock Solutions is bringing together the latest and best of airport and parcel sortation technology to warehouse operations with SmartSort, a solution that streamlines and automates sorting operations to drive performance and adaptability. 

“This project represents a massive opportunity to deploy a modern WCS in the warehousing and distribution market,” said Michael Black, Account Manager at Brock Solutions, who has taken the lead on this initiative. “We are excited to play an integral role on this project, alongside our partners, to integrate many new cutting-edge tools, including OSR Shuttle Crain, AMR Robot, and Pick to Light technologies.”

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