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Our blog will tackle several subjects in the real-time operational space for manufacturers and logistics/transportation companies. The content is practical, not academic, and built around what we hear and learn everyday serving this space.

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Brock’s Digital Automation Accelerators

Brock’s Digital Automation Accelerators

When it comes to automation, does your plant floor equipment have one of everything?  Different varieties of control systems, different vintages, different connectivity?  Do you want to go digital, but feel like this mess of inconsistent automation, in some cases no...
SmartSuite in Brock Solutions’ Cloud

SmartSuite in Brock Solutions’ Cloud

The next wave of travelers and their checked baggage is coming!  You have decided which tools you need from the SmartSuite toolbox, but how can you get them deployed and to your workforce efficiently, and with the resources you have? Alex Peirce explains the benefits...
SmartWater: Modernizing Water Treatment

SmartWater: Modernizing Water Treatment

The water treatment industry is a critical part of any regional infrastructure and in many cases facilities are suffering through many inefficiencies and even becoming vulnerable to online attacks as the landscape changes. In the video below Joseph Donohue talks about...
Introducing SmartSuite Baggage Information Displays (BIDs)

Introducing SmartSuite Baggage Information Displays (BIDs)

Traditional baggage information displays are often limited in the information that they can provide to baggage handlers as they load flights, and generally do not include information on the current location of bags. Separate displays are required for Customs Recalls,...

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